Ted & Nancy Sizer

2002 McKeen Award

January 11th, 2002

Ted and Nancy Sizer arrived in 1972 when Ted let his position as Dean of the Faculty of the Graduate School of Education at Harvard to become the twelfth Headmaster of Phillips Academy.  The Sizers joined the Academy at a pivotal time in its history.  The social upheaval the nation was experiencing in the early 70’s was playing out on campuses across the country and Phillips was no exception.

While encouraging a climate of cooperation and respect i the PA community, Ted was also crafting plans for the merger of Phillips Academy and Abbot Academy.Ted shepherded both schools through the merger, through the often difficult process of building new understanding and cooperation between female and male faculty and students, and into the reality of developing a successful coeducational institution.

Nancy Faust Sizer was Ted’s partner i this process.  she was, as Kathy Dalton described her, the “nuturant patron saint of PA.”  She set an exceptional example as a triple threat (teacher, house counselor and coach) in addition to her demanding roles as Headmaster’s wife and mother.  Her own excellent reputation as a scholar and educators made her a natural role model for students and faculty alike.  Among her numerous contributions to the Academy, Nancy helped develop the Asian history curriculum, was Advisor to Asian students, a coach and an author.

The firm foundation of academic excellence, celebration of diversity, and openness to change laid during Ted and Nancy’s time at Phillips Academy has provided us with a model we can depend on as the Academy continues its educational journey.