Brace Fellowships

The Brace Center for Gender Studies supports outstanding scholarship and research by students and faculty.  Every year, a handful of students work through the spring and summer to better understand a variety of topics as see through the lens of gender.  Through the mentorship of a faculty member, students research an area of interest, write an extensive paper on the subject, and eventually present their findings to the entire community.

The Brace Center is proud to present the Brace Fellows

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The “Miss” in Miss Saigon:  Deconstructing a Fantasy of Asian Femininity.

by Junah Jang ’20









Uanne Chang Poster Dec 2019



The Body in Ballet:  How the Male Gaze Shaped the Ballerina Archetype

by Uanne Chang ’20







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Anatomy, Autonomy, and Abuse:  an Analysis of the Abuse of Physically Disabled Women.

by Julia Lane ’17






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Lives Gamed:  The Challenges Facing Underage Homeless Female Victims of Sex Trafficking in the United States

by Trevor Lazar ’17





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The Modern Politics of Abortion:  State Laws and the Debate on Women’s Reproductive Rights.

by Wendy Zhang ’17







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Women and Mental Illness:  Stigma and Stereotypes.

by Zoe Sottile ’17