Priscilla Bonney-Smith

McKeen Award 2005

January 14, 2005

‘Cilla Bonney-Smith joined the Phillips /academy community ins 1970 s a faculty spouse while she taught history at north Andover High School.  Her active role in the development of girls and women on campus began when she first took on the role of House Counselor in 1774.  The merger has occurred the year before, the community was in transition and ‘Cilla was confronted with situations in the dorm that started her thinking about the particular issues that are of concern to adolescent girls.  During her eleven years as a House Counselor, ‘Cilla’s warmth, intelligence and heart served as a magnet drawing students to her for advice and nurturance.  Her interest in counseling became formalized when she returned to school to get her Master in Counseling Psychology in 1984.  In 1988, ‘Cilla became a past-time Psychological Counselor in addition to her other duties.

‘Cilla is a tireless educator.  The position of Assistant Dean of Students for Health Issues was designed with her in mind and 1982 (soon changed to Associate Dean of Students) and provided the platform from which she launched numerous initiatives aimed at improving the health and well-being of our students.  Among her many accomplishments are a conference she organized on eating disorders, evening classes in sexuality for coed student groups, a Human Relations and Sexuality course for girls, a /human Issues course for uppers that eventually morphed into the Life Issues course currently offered to Lowers, Feedom from Chemical Dependency Week, AIDS Awareness Education, the Gay-Straight Alliance, and Alcohol and Drug Awareness groups.

‘Cilla has been the heart of PA for 34 years.  She always has time for students or faculty, and is unabashedly nurturing at a time when that quality is much needed but not always found.  She is fierce in her concern for our students.  She is beloved.