Dr. Margaret N. Jackson

2017 McKeen Award

October 13th, 2017

Dr. Margaret N. “Maggie” Jackson joined the Phillips Academy community in 1983 as a psychologist and instructor in psychology.  With the help of fellow psychologists Carol Israel and Max Alovisetti, Maggie developed the Graham Counseling Center’s groundbreaking student-centered counseling program, which continues to evolve and thrive at the Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center.

She took particular interest in the roles of women on campus.  Coeducation a Phillips Academy was already 10 years old when Maggie arrived at Andover, yet the faculty remained predominantly male, and female teachers and students were striving to be seen as equals in the classrooms, in faculty meetings, and in extracurricular activities.  In 1987, Maggie received an Abbot Academy Association grant to organize a workshop on eating disorders, and in 1996 she became a founding member of the Executive Board of the Brace Center for Gender Studies, a position held until her retirement from Phillips Academy in 2014.

Maggie pioneered PA’s date rape prevention curriculum in partnership with faculty colleague Tony Rotundo.  In fact, much of Andover’s current wealth of initiatives that aim to prevent sexual misconduct and promote healthy relationships has arisen from Maggie and Tony’s early initiatives.

Throughout her 18 years of involvement with the Brace Center, Maggie performed myriad important tasks, may of them thankless.  Ironically, a prime example of her impact and effectiveness is her behind-the-scenes work on the details of the McKeen Award ceremonies.

Maggie was an active ally to any community member seeking to promote gender equality.  Known for her calm and steady voice, Maggie reassured countless students and faculty members with her message, “I hear you, and it will be all right.”  Her voice is missed at Phillips Academy, but we know she is sharing her sensitivity, views on gender equity, and skills as a counselor with countless others in need of her expertise and guidance.