Carroll and Elaine Bailey

2001 McKeen Award

January 12th, 2001

Carroll and Elaine Bailey joined Phillips academy in 1970, Carroll as Associate Dean and house Counselor, and Elaine as Hostess at Cooley House.  In 1972, Carroll joined the English Department and began his long and productive career as a teacher and house counselor.  Elaine shared her warmth and graciousness with others as she hosted events at Cooley House, greeted prospective students and their families at Admissions, and welcomed foreign visitors to the campus.  Elaine also served as Secretary for the Bicentennial Celebration in 1978 and was President of the Ladies Benevolent Society in 1985.

At the time of the merger of Abbot and Phillips Academies in 1973, Carroll and Elaine took on new oles.  Carroll became Cluster Dean ad Elaine, Associate Cluster Dean, of the newly formed Abbot Cluster, a position they held for the next 10 tears.  The Baileys made a significant contribution towards preserving the history of both Abbot ad Phillips beginning in 1987, when they received an Abbot Grant to inventory, catalogue and photograph the antiques and artifacts of both Academies.  This project continued to occupy them for 10 years.  Shortly before retirement in 1997, the Baileys spent three years running the Washington Internship Program.  Carroll and Elaine currently serve as correspondents for the Faculty Emeriti for the Andover Bulletin.