100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment Celebrations

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 1.13.47 PMDid Sojourner Truth Visit Andover’s campus to Advocate for Women’s Suffrage?

And, what were Abbot Academy and Phillips Academy students and teachers doing and saying about the question over women’s rights? Find out about these and other intriguing facts during the Brace Center’s year marking the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment!

The moment the calendar page flipped to January 2020, people all over the country got busy planning for, or launching into, activities, events, writing, reading, pondering, and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s ratification. Andover has big plans too.

Led by the Brace Center for Gender Studies, an excited group of students, faculty, and staff are about to launch a year-long effort to understand better, learn from, and build on the complex and fascinating history and legacy of the 19th Amendment. A brief overview of the year ahead shows that organizers won’t merely seek to commemorate the event. In the spirit of the movement behind it and beyond it, they seek to complicate, interrogate, and agitate as well.

Kicking off the year is January 17th’s all-school assembly, which is devoted to unpacking the historical context, including the full range of diverse groups who led and constituted the 19th– and early 20th-century movements for voting rights. The assembly will also include unveiling of a student-developed interactive program displaying information about women’s leadership globally, and the launch of plans for a series of creative, fun, irreverent, silly—and more serious—“100 events celebrating the 100th Anniversary” that will take place through 2020. Watch for updates here and connect with the Brace Center over Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on all these events!

100 Events

All School Meeting on 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment – Jan 17th

Lunch & Discussion with ASM Speaker – Jan 17th

Celebratory Kickoff:  Cake – Jan 17th

Celebratory Kickoff:  Balloons – Jan 17th

Data Visualization Project – Jan 20th

Vote for Women Puzzle – Jan 24th

Oral History Project – Jan 25th

Brace Board Building Community – Jan 26th

Infantilizing Women in Contemporary Literature – Jan 28th

Little Women with Flavia Vidal – Jan 29th

Lizzo @ Take Back The Night!?!?! – Jan 30th

Brace at the Annual Symposium for the Independent School Gender Project – Feb 2nd

Yes+ presentation to Bio100 students – Feb 5th

Brace Fellow Junah Jang ’20 Presentation – The Miss in “Miss Saigon:  Deconstructing a Fantasy of Asian Femininity – Feb 10th

Valentine’s Day Love Better – Feb 14th

Be my consensual valentine? – Feb 18th

Cupcakes and Condoms – Make your own safe sex kit! – Feb 19th

Forum on relationship violence – Feb 20th

Blue Key Heads in Abbot Blue for Andover-Exeter weekend – Feb 28th

SLAm with Abbot – Feb 29th

Co-president Candidates Debates – Feb 25th

International Women’s Day Celebration – Mar 3rd