Girl Powered Makerspace

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The Brace Center and the Oliver W. Holmes Library are partnering with the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation and VEX Robotics to celebrate the International Day of the Girl on October 11th.  During the month of October, Girl Powered Workshops are offered all over the world to “change the face of STEM”.

This event will bring girls in 4th to 12th grade to the newly remodeled Makerspace for an evening of making and community.  To register your girl, please visit the robot events page.


9th Grade: The Mask You Live In

On October 16th, 2019, the annual viewing and discussion of ‘The Mask You Live In‘ by The Representation Project will engage all 9th graders in an introduction to toxic masculinity.  This program is on its 4th year running, and is part of the Brace Center’s efforts to encourage dialogue and education around gender issues.

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The Mask You Live In Synopsis

The Mask You Live In follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity.

Pressured by the media, their peer group, and even the adults in their lives, our protagonists confront messages encouraging them to disconnect from their emotions, devalue authentic friendships, objectify and degrade women, and resolve conflicts through violence. These gender stereotypes interconnect with race, class, and circumstance, creating a maze of identity issues boys and young men must navigate to become “real” men.

Experts in neuroscience, psychology, sociology, sports, education, and media also weigh in, offering empirical evidence of the “boy crisis” and tactics to combat it.

The Mask You Live In ultimately illustrates how we, as a society, can raise a healthier generation of boys and young men.

Events, Speakers

Byron Hurt Residency: Oct 2019

Acclaimed filmmaker Byron Hurt will be on campus October 9th through October 12th, 2019 to share with students and faculty his work on anti-sexist education.  An award-winning documentary filmmaker, writer, and anti-sexist activist. Hurt is also the former host of the Emmy-nominated series, “REEL WORKS with BYRON HURT.”  His documentary, Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and broadcast nationally on PBS’ Emmy-award winning series Independent Lens.

Byron’s latest film, Soul Food Junkies, won the CNN Best Documentary Award at the American Black Film Festival and Best Documentary at the Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City.  Soul Food Junkies aired nationally on PBS’ Emmy-Award winning series Independent Lens in January and April 2013.

A member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, Hurt’s next film is called Hazing:  How Badly Do You Want In?