Brace Student Advisory Board

Students are at the heart of what we do. Every year, the handful of students selected to serve on the Brace Student Advisory Committee are an integral part of our work. They guide our thinking, inform our decisions, and keep us connected and grounded with the reality of our student body.  They are fierce advocates, effective event organizers, and strong community role models. These young people inspire us every day.

2021-2022 Board

2019-2020 Board

IMG_1872 (2)

Top – L to R: Emiliano C. ’22, Ray S. ’20, Eliza S. ’20, Ben C. ’21, Avivit A. ’22, Will L. ’20, Abigail S. ’21

Botton – L to R: Niya H. ’21, Hanna N. ’20, Emma S. ’20, Cameron K. ’21, Kiran R. ’22

2018-2019 Board


Top – L to R:  Jungwoo P. ’19, Dr. Flavia Vidal (Director), Gio P.  ’21, Sawyer M.  ’19, Emma S. ’20, Anthony M. ’20, Eliza S. ’20, and Thompson U. ’19.

Bottom – L to R:  Allison Z. ’19, Hanna N. ’20, Niya H. ’21, and Will L. ’20.