Brace Adult Advisory Board

2019-2020 Members

Flavia Vidal, Director

Phillips Academy

Flavia (she/her/hers) is Director of the Brace Center for Gender Studies and Instructor in English and Interdisciplinary Studies at Phillips Academy, Andover, where she has taught since 2001.  Flavia holds a B.A. from Hampshire College and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Brandeis University.  Originally from Brazil, Flavia has lived in the US for 30 years.  She also coaches volleyball, is a day-student advisor, and directs one of Andover’s summer travel programs, Brazil PLACES.  Her educational philosophy is grounded on intersectional feminism, collaboration, and activism in service of social justice.

Dr. Vidal was part of the Brace Executive Board from 2004 through 2013, and part of the current Brace Advisory Board since 2015.

Carol Artacho GuCarolArtachoGuerra[4]erra

Carol is a bilingual feminist, physicist, Spaniard who is a member of the Science Department, where she teaches Physics and Robotics.  Carol’s desire to promote and advance women and underrepresented groups in science made her leave corporate America and join the teaching world, first at the university level and later in independent schools.  Carol serves on the Board of Directors for The Independent School Gender Project.  In her spare time, she is the leader for her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop.  

Ms. Artacho has been part of the advisory board for The Brace Center for Gender Studies since 2016.

MJ PictureMJ Engel

MJ Wong Engel (she/her/hers) is a Teaching Fellow in English. Inspired by her involvement with Brace as a student at PA, she studied Sustainable Development and Women and Gender Studies at Columbia University. MJ is thrilled to join the Brace Advisory Board and to promote feminist practices on campus.

Ms. Engel has been part of the advisory board since 2019.


View More: Goss

Emily is the Children’s and Access Services Librarian at the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library and has been a member of the Phillips Academy community since 2013. As a feminist who is always looking for more ways to learn and grown, Emily is excited and honored to be staff representative to the Brace Advisory Board. In 2016, Emily first connected with the Brace Center when she worked with students on the Advisory Board to secure an Abbot Grant designed to provide all incoming students, as well as faculty and staff, with a copy of We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. In addition, she is grateful that the Brace Center continues to support this endeavor and provides this amazing resource to new students and new faculty every year.  As the Children’s Librarian at the OWHL – a position that enables her to work closely with faculty and staff families – Emily is always striving to expand the OWHL’s children’s collections to ensure the collections are as inclusive as possible. In her spare time, Emily enjoys hanging out with her hilarious, adorable and stubborn corgi (named Turtle).

Ms. Goss has been part of the advisory board since 2017.


DiamondDiamond Gray

Ms. Gray has been part of the advisory board since 2018.

D52_5588Lisa Joel

Ms. Joel has been part of the advisory board since 2015.

Head Shots smlSean Logan

Sean Logan joined Phillips Academy in 2011 as the director of college counseling and was elevated to dean in 2016. Along with his duties in the CCO, Sean’s responsibilities include membership on the Senior Administrative Council (SAC), Academic Council (AC), Students Program Review Committee (SPRC), the Postgraduate Program, and The Brace Center.  Prior to his time at PA, he has 22 years of experience in college counseling and college admission. During his 11 years at Williams College, Sean directed the application reading and selection process, coordinated athletic recruiting, was the main liaison to the financial aid office, assisted the first generation/ Pell initiative, and oversaw international student admission. He has also worked in admission for Harvard University, Stanford University, and Occidental College. Additionally, he was the director of college counseling at The Bishops School in California for six years. Sean served two terms (co-chair for 3 years) on the Board of Directors of Greylock ABC (A Better Chance), the Williamstown branch of a national program which places promising students of color at the nation’s leading high schools, and is currently on the board of SCS Noonan Scholars, a national, non-profit organization that helps low-income, first generation students with college admission, support, and career development.  Sean earned his undergraduate degree at Williams College and holds a master’s degree in higher education administration from Stanford University.  Sean lives with his nine-years old son, PJ, and his wife, Joy St. John, who is the Dean of Admission and Financial Services at Wellesley College.

Mr. Logan has been part of the advisory board since 2019.

Corrie MartinCorrieMartin[4]

Corrie Martin is an instructor in the department of English, as well as in Andover’s newest department of Interdisciplinary Studies. She has previously taught Gender Studies, served as the director of two campus-based university Women’s Centers, championed institutional support for LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff, and worked in community-based advocacy and education about issues related to gender-based violence.

M. Martin has been part of the advisory board since 2015.



RAchel Murray PicRachel Murree

Rachel Murree (she/her hers) is a Fellow in the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department and a member of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. Rachel’s interest in gender equity began while she was a student at Andover. As a Brace Center student fellow, Rachel researched the 1973 merger between Abbot and Phillips Academies and wrote a paper on its history and legacy. In the two years she has served on the Brace Board, Rachel has had the opportunity to promote Abbot’s memory both through official school programming and more unofficially as a study hall proctor at the Brace Center (on Abbot campus) every Thursday night. As the current recipient of the Abbot Academy Association fellowship, she is excited to continue promoting feminism on campus this year through teaching, house counseling, and coaching.

Ms. Murree has been part of the advisory board since 2018.


headshot-staffaroniEmma Staffaroni

Emma Staffaroni has been a member of the Phillips Academy community since 2013 and on the Brace Center Advisory Board since 2015. She’s a member of the English department, and she loves to teach texts that help young people to explore themes of identity, power, and justice. She has created and taught courses on Women’s & Gender Studies through Literature, as well as Masculinities in Feminist Literature. Emma also helped found, and now lives in, Andover’s first all-gender dormitory, which has been a model for numerous other residential schools looking to make their residential life more inclusive beyond the gender binary. In addition to these two primary roles at Phillips, Emma serves on the staff of the Office of Community and Multicultural Development (CAMD). When she’s not consumed by boarding school life, she enjoys her dog Hollyhock, her incorrigible niece, cheese ravioli, goofing off, and poetry.  Her icons include bell hooks, Lady Gaga, Alison Bechdel, Jia Tolentino, and Jonathan from Queer Eye.

Ms. Staffaroni has been part of the advisory board since 2015.


Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.57.23 PMMiriam Villanueva

Dr. Villanueva has been part of the advisory board since 2018.








AndyWallAndrew Wall

Dr. Wall has been part of the advisory board since 2018.







NickZufeltNicholas Zufelt

Nicholas teaches Computer Science and Mathematics and Andover and comes to his work with the Brace Center through a desire to make those fields more equitably represented.  He believes that feminist theory and scientific inquiry can and should both be utilized in the STEM classroom.  He works to see how data has been misused to continue inequities, and he enjoys exploring the ways that data practices could instead help create a more just world.

Dr. Zufelt has been part of the advisory board since 2018.